Folon Scooter
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Jean-Michel Folon

Folon Scooter


Artist on show

YDRA, in collaboration with the Fondation Folon, is launching an exclusive electric scooter, inspired by the work “La double vue” by the artist Jean-Michel Folon.

Jean-Michel Folon's iconic blue man in limited edition on the YDRA Retro

The journey is always more important than the goal (Folon)

Freedom and travel are two themes that recur in the work of the Brussels artist Jean-Michel Folon. Driving a YDRA Retro is also traveling and enjoying a feeling of freedom. And even more so when the scooter has the subtle gradations of blue colors that are so characteristic of Folon's artistic universe.

The inspiration: La double vue

The Folon scooters are inspired by the work “La double vue” from 1972. Within a metal structure in the shape of round glasses, it integrates two screen prints with a color gradient of intense blue. His character walks amid azure blue valleys. His facial features are limited to red glasses, the point of focus. The surprise is total. Dawn is breaking.

Folon often put on glasses. He had cases full of them: round and square glasses, thick and thin, multiple ophthalmic glasses to those oh-so-revered glasses by his favorite painter Giorgio Morandi. The glasses ... the double vision (la double vue), the clairvoyance of the artist. Glasses to look beyond reality, where the gaze hallucinates and invades new spheres.