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Vital revolving, 1994

H 29 x W 19 x D 14 cm



Catalogue Raisonné des Multiples Volume 1, Fondation Arman, numéro 97, pages 160-161.


TECHNIQUE: Transculpture EDITION SIZE: 100 copies from 1/100 to 100/100, 10 artist proofs from EA1/10 to EA10/10, 1 artist proofs EA1/1 MEDIUM: Cut of statuette and cut of violin soundboards, patinated dark and light brown, assembled together, welded bronze mounted on a bronze base. This work is recorded in the Fondation A.R.M.A.N. under number: ARM1196 PUBLISHER: Editions de la Différence, Paris (France) MADE BY: Fonderie d'Art R. Bocquel S.A., Bréauté (France)