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Almogavar by Berrocal Miguel

Berrocal Miguel


80 x 55 x 27 cm



ANTOLOGICA BERROCAL (1955-1984). Julián Gállego, Franco Passoni, Miguel Berrocal. Ministerio de Cultura, Dirección General de Bellas Artes y Archivos, Ediciones «El Viso», Madrid, 1984. ISBN 84-85938-18-6. Pages: 496 pages. Languages: Spanish (spa). Pages 118-119 (page 119 black and white illustration number 87 II Guillén de Tous/ Almogávar X), 216-217 (colour illustration of original sculpture in wood on anvil in cast iron, the printed header is incorrect due to a production error and may have been amended with an erratum adhesive label, the correct header should read: 87 II – GUILLEN DE TOUS, ALMOGAVAR X. Opus 259 – 1981-83/ Negrar), 218 (black and white and colour illustrations including a black and white illustration of the 14 elements of the disassembled sculpture each identified by a progressive number: 87 II – GUILLEN DE TOUS, ALMOGAVAR X. Opus 259 – 1981-83/ Negrar), 219 (colour illustration of Miguel Berrocal in his workshop at Villa Rizzardi, Negrar (Verona), Italy in 1981-83 working on the wooden model of DESPERTA FERRO 10 (Opus 249) the maquette or scale model of the larger sculpture GUILLÉN DE TOUS/ ALMOGÁVAR X (Opus 259), 426-427 (Catálogo General Cronológico, opus, 259, Guillén de Tous/ Almogávar X, 1981/83, Negrar), 466 (Catálogo General Cronológico, Op. 259 GUILLEN DE TOUS/ ALMOGAVAR X 1981-83 Negrar. 65x91x42 cm. Desmontable. 14 elementos. 1 ejemplar en madera sobre yunque en acero colado. (I/I). 6 ejemplares en bronce patinado/ cera perdida (1/6 a 6/6). L. Pág. 261 a 218. Retrospective exhibition catalogue, Chronological General Catalogue (sculptures 1955-1984), Monograph. BERROCAL Galerie Isy Brachot, Bruxelles, 1984. Personal exhibition catalogue. RETROSPECTIVE BERROCAL (1955-1985) Au Botanique, Centre Culturel de la Communauté Française Wallonie- Bruxelles, Bruxelles Septembre-Novembre 1985. Singulier-Pluriel, B. Hamburski, éditeur responsable. 48 pages. Pages 8 (black and white illustration), 10 (black and white illustration), 26-27 (black and white illustration number 87). Retrospective exhibition catalogue. BERROCAL JEAN-LOUIS FERRIER. Éditions De La Différence, Paris, 1989. ISBN 2-7291-0467-4. 392 pages. French (fre). Pages 57-64 (critical essay: III, Fer, réveille-toi ! the Almogavares series is treated on pages from 59 to 62), 196-197 (SÉRIE DES ALMOGAVARES, colour illustration of original sculpture in wood on anvil in cast iron on base in white enamelled steel, picture taken during the retrospective exhibition ANTOLOGICA BERROCAL (1955-1984) organized by the Ministry of Culture of Spain at the Palacio de Velásquez, Parque del Retiro, Madrid, Spain, October-December 1984), 217 (colour illustration of original sculpture in wood on anvil in cast iron). Monograph.


Original sculpture in bronze by lost-wax casting, with patina, signed and numbered Berrocal, 2/6. Interlocking, multiple elements. May be placed indoors and outdoors. Male bust torso figure. Almogàvar is the name of a class of soldier from many Christian Iberian kingdoms in the later phases of the Reconquista, during the 13th and 14th centuries.