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Klein Yves

Eponge bleue , 1960

IKB Pigment
H 11 x W 14 x D 6 cm



Private collection Brussels


Yves Klein Archives SE 300


Sponges play a recurring role in the work of Yves Klein. He applied colour to the base material using impregnation, to avoid brush marks. The uneven surface pitted with dark cavities accentuates the intensity of the colour. In 1958, Klein said: “Thanks to the wild living material of sponges, I was going to be able to make portraits of viewers of my monochromes, who, after having seen them, after having travelled through the blue of my paintings, come back totally impregnated in sensibility, like sponges.” Sponge was the painter's tool, and became his material: “While working on my paintings in the studio, I sometimes used sponges. Very quickly they obviously became blue! One day I noticed the beauty of the blue in the sponge; in an instant this working instrument became raw material for me. It is the sponge’s extraordinary capacity to impregnate itself with anything fluid that attracted me.”