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Broodthaers Marcel

Série allemande (9 pièces), 1973

acrylic on canvas
H 80 x W 100 cm



Acquired directly from the Artist Collection André Goeminne, Nazareth, Belgium Private collection, Belgium


Marie-Puck Broodthaers (ed.), Livre d'image, Bilderbuch, Cologne 2013, p.192/193 with colour illus. (here titled "Série de neuf peintures en langue allemande, Die Welt") Dorothea Zwirner, Marcel Broodthaers, die Bilder, die Worte, die Dinge, Cologne 1997, p.144 Museum Ludwig, Cologne (ed.), Marcel Broodthaers, Cologne 1980, p.95 Alan Bowness (ed.), Marcel Broodthaers,, The Tate Gallery, London 1980,


9-part work: each typographically printed canvas. Each 80 x 100 cm. Individually framed under glass.